MVCC Mailings and Publications

Your company benefits through an ongoing series of monthly mailers, quarterly and annual publications. You as a member of the Merrimack Valley Chamber of Commerce are continually informed of Chamber events, promotional opportunities, and business issues and forums that help our Valley businesses remain strong and vital.

Monthly Mailers - Inform members of upcoming Chamber programs and events, and provides you as a member an easy low cost means of promoting your products and services to the nearly 2,500+ fellow readers who receive our mail.

MVCC E-Blasts
– Reach 1,750+ MVCC Members and conctacts.  Promote your products and services with a MVCC Eblast.  MVCC Member Benefit Special Website Price $99 per e-blast!

MVCC E-Review
– Not able to make all 120+ yearly events?  Make sure to check out the weekly MVCC E-Review.  Reviewing all MVCC Events, Programs, Ribbon Cuttings and much, much more!

Daily E-Mail Notices
– Be informed Daily of all upcoming MVCC member events, programs and special offers.

“The Membership Advantage”
- A quarterly magazine with an in depth review of the past quarter’s programs and events and preview of upcoming programs and events. You as a member further benefit through the magazines extensive “Member News” and “Welcome New Member” sections. Advertising in The Membership Advantage” is yet another member benefit for you and your company.

Annual Membership Directory – The ideal reference source for local products and services. You as a member benefit by being listed in the publication at least three times; in the Member Company Listing, Buyer’s Guide Section, and Who’s Who Listing. The Directory is the perfect vehicle for Member to Member advertising and a member benefit for you!